Process:   It all starts with listening. We meet with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their vision and goals for their business. These meetings will formalize those concepts and serve as the foundation for our work. The client drives the process as we believe at MPG that there are multiple solutions to achieve results and that one size doesn't fit all.

Identification:  We will undertake a business analysis that is both strategic and quantitative to identify areas of greatest opportunity. We will deliver a performance scorecard that will serve as a measurement tool throughout the life of the project.

Recommendation:  We will provide written recommendations and plan to get the most impactful improvements underway immediately. Recommendations will come with short term, mid term, and long term focus.

Implementation:  We differ from many other consultancy firms in that we will actually help with the implementation and execution of the agreed upon recommendations. Having a plan is important, executing that plan is critical.

Timeline:  We are nimble and flexible. We can and will move quickly. From the first meeting we will be prepared to move quickly through the process and get to performance improvement initiatives in as short a time as a few weeks. We are also ready, willing and able to handle more long term engagements and larger scale projects.